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VANESSA RYAN - chandler/tempe/ahwatukee a.m. mid. p.m overnights

Vanessa loves goofy dogs & crazy cats.  Really any pet with personality. Her experience is different than most you will come across, she spent 10 years as a pet sitting customer, traveling for work and relying on her sitter to watch her wild bunch, which give a different perspective than a pet sitter would normally have.  As a customer she so appreciated knowing that her pets were safe and well cared for.  This peace of mind is something she is able to offer you, if you are gone for an afternoon or a month, you will know that your pets and your home are being well looked after. Vanessa has  volunteered with the Arizona Basset Hound Rescue and Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.  

Vanessa travels with her Basset Hound Lottie, and they are in the process of visiting every state.  

TRACI PENMAN - chandler/tempe/ahwatukee a.m. mid. p.m.

We all love dogs, but Traci takes it to a whole new level!  She is always looking to help any animal in need and spends her free time not only pet sitting, but also starting her own non profit with her husband Antione. Bedding and Benefits for Bowsers provides supplies, dog food, and bedding to assist dog rescues who save abandoned and homeless animals. Some of these dogs have been abused and are in need of medical care. They assist in providing dog beds, blankets, dog food, cleaning supplies, pee pads, collars, leashes, crates, blankets and towels. We also sponsor dogs in with medical needs so they can heal and be adopted!  They work in cooperation with Arizona Dog Adoptions, Surrendered Souls Rescue, The Good Dog Food Bank, Crazy Pit Bull Lady Pit Bull Rescue, BB's Honor, Creative Contributions, and MCAA East & West Shelters.

SALLY TULLY - ahwatukee a.m. mid. p.m.

If Sally name looks familiar, she may have taught one of your kids!  She is a long time teacher in the Kyrene School District.  Sally loves the stops that include big hikes with energetic dogs or just sitting and brushing a cat that hides from everyone else.   Sally does not enjoy houses with alarms. :)  

BROCK LEHMAN - chandler/tempe/ahwatukee a.m. mid. p.m. overnights

Brock is adored by all the pets that he sees! A long time Ahwatukee native, Brock is very kind and patient with the animals that he gets to spend time with, one client watching his interaction with her dogs on puppy cam sent a text that said, "Brock is so loving to my dogs!".  He is also thinking about attending vet school and has promised us free vet care FOR LIFE.

LAURA MCCOLLUM - chandler/tempe/ahwatukee a.m. mid. p.m. overnights

Laura brings her positive personality to all of her stops.  When doing a first stop with a notoriously finicky about people dog she sent a text that said, "We are good, he is on my lap."  I'm not sure how she did that, but the pets are fond  her.

KITTY (KATHERINE) LYNN - chandler/tempe/ahwatukee a.m. mid. p.m. overnights

Rounding out the list of pet sitters from Seattle, we have Kitty.  If after a stop you received a fantastic photo of your pet, it was probably Kitty that did your stop.  This new found skill has turned the pets we watch into little models.  We are very happy to have Kitty join us, she brings her fun personality and love of pets to all of her stops!


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