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We always appreciated when our clients leave positive reviews to help spread the word about Sit Stay, not only is it a great resource when people go out looking for a pet sitter, it also touches our hearts each time we read them. No lie.


"I have been using Sit Stay Petsitting for about  7 years now I think and I can tell you firsthand they are wonderful and treat your "babies" as if they were their own! I have 1 dog and 2 cats and anytime I leave home for a few days I get regular texts and pictures that they are fine and happy which eases my mind and it's always great to see their happy faces. I just transitioned into longer work hours a few days a week and have them coming in for a couple of daily visits which is a live saver when you're leaving home at 6 am and not home til after 6 or 7 pm. If you are reading this and looking for a petsitter I can't recommend enough Vanessa and her staff as I have nothing but wonderful things to say. It's hard to find someone you can trust when it comes to your pets and your home and I never worry with these guys and it makes my travels and trips much more enjoyable to know my pets are loved" 

"Vanessa rocks, my Husky adores her and most importantly.....she's an all around awesome human being. I trust her explicitly and she's the person I think of when I have doggie emergencies. Sadly, he only sees he once a week for now, but if he wasn't too proud to beg, he would no doubt beg for more Vanessa time over treats.  I'm also okay with the fact that if my dog could move in and live with her, he will pack up his toys and go without a backward glance. I mean, I completely understand the love. Really, you and your pet are losing out if you don't choose her as your sitter. There is really no one better in AZ."

"I cannot tell you what a gift Vanessa Ryan was to me and my family this past month. We are fairly new to the Phoenix area and have no real support system here. My Dad died and I had to go to my hometown of Chicago for the funeral. I didn't want to travel alone in my state of mind but we had no one to watch our 2 dogs.  I had chosen to use  Sit and stay from reading reviews on the Internet, but later came to learn that I had their card in my purse the whole time given to me as a referral from our dog groomers. This further helped me feel that divine goodness was on our side with this choice. Vanessa could see and possibly feel my apprehension of leaving the dogs behind. She did so much to help us feel calm and trust they were in good hands. Additionally one of our dogs has bad separation anxiety. She was instrumental in working with him to be able to relax and stop his incessant barking while we were away. When she came to return our keys the dogs were so overjoyed to see her I knew that she would always be our choice. I can tell she genuinely cares for the animals. No one is perfect but Vanessa has a big caring heart and awesome way with animals. I recommend her service to anyone. We are completely satisfied and Thank God for her!!!"

"I wouldn't even think about using anyone but "Sit. Stay. Ahwatukee Pet Sitting".

"Quality of Work Completed:  It really feels like they do a great job.  Susan was the person who took care of them while my fiance and I were gone.  The cats seemed to have been looked after pretty well and Susan took out the cat litter every day she visited.  Susan leaves a daily note about our cats and the notes aren't half-assed.   I took a snapshot of an example and posted it here on Yelp. She also sent my fiance a text about every day to let us know how the kittens are doing." 

"They don't nickle and dime you.  My fiance and I have used three cat sitters in the area.  This outfit is the least expensive and you get the most bang for the buck."

"When I had to leave town and leave my puppy at home I was apprehensive to leave her with anyone let alone a stranger. Let me just you that this Pet Sitter alleviated any of my concerns with her prompts visits and excellent communication. She has straightforward rates that are affordable and the service is top notch!! I would reference her to anyone thinking about using a pet sitter in the South Phoenix area!!" 

"It was a great experience, and we will definitely use them again."

"While we were away, Bentley received daily visits and I received daily text messages and photos to keep us updated on him.    I was happy to receive the texts, since I was a bit worried leaving him for so long and with a new pet-sitter.  Bre, Vanessa and Susan all helped to take care of Bentley, and each of them sent sweet text messages which assured me my baby was well-taken care of.  When we arrived home I found a detailed log of the daily visits, which I also appreciated."

"Prior to moving to the area Vanessa was the first one I contacted  to ensure she  would be available to visit my two fur babies.  I travel quite a bit for both business and  pleasure and I NEVER have to worry about Dog care.  She is always accommodating with my hectic (last min) schedule and  quite honestly, when I come home from a long trip, I really think  my babies are more sad they wont  be getting a visit from  Vanessa than they are excited to see me!"

"Vanessa loves the pets she cares for as she loves her own.  She is enthusiastic, energetic, and fun.  There's no need to worry about your pets if Vanessa is looking after them.  She goes above and beyond to make sure the families know their four-legged friend is stress-free while mom and dad are away. Based on the kisses I've seen my own dog give Vanessa, I'm pretty sure she's a sitter to keep as long as you can."

"I highly recommend Sit Stay Pet Ahwatukee - by far the best pet sitter I have ever worked with.  When I used to travel, I would always worry about my two dogs and if they were ok while I was away.  With Vanessa, I never worry.  I always know my dogs are being cared for as if I was home.  And, I always come home to happy dogs."

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