sit. stay. pet sitting 

Now serving Ahwatukee, Chandler & Tempe



Sit. Stay. pet sitting allows you to leave your pet and have peace of mind knowing that your pets will be loved, played with, walked, fed and given tons of personal attention while you are not at home.

We offer affordable options for daily visits, dog walking or even just a short potty break, what ever your pet may need.  Your pets are able to stay in their home surrounded by their familiar environment.

They get to stay on their usual daily routine, which is less stressful than being boarded in an unfamiliar kennel surrounded by strange animals. During your complimentary consultation we will meet you and your pet and learn what their needs consist of.

sit. stay. difference
Much like pets, all pet sitters are unique in what they offer.  

speed & flexibility 
We have staff dedicated to the different areas we cover, so we are usually able to add a last minute visits.

information daily
Text, email or call you after each visit. 

ensure safety 
There will also be nothing on our cars stating that a pet sitter is at your home so no one will know that you are not home.


We offer many different visits types to best fit your budget and have never raised our prices.

give care
We ensure that your pet receives daily exercise, feedings and medications at no additional charge.

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